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DSG Procedure


1.  DDG Procedure Introdution


      Project Communication&Agreement

      DSG director meets customer in person making sure of customer requirements. Then DSG is to calculate project availability according provided software and hardware specification. If the project is available, DSG director will have further negotiation with customer to confirm design service charges, sign agreement and NDA accordingly after design charges conformation and then DSG start s to make the design.

The best way is that customer come to a meeting in our company directly, but we also have more than 70% customers confirm the detailed hardware specifications / software functions / fastest development cycle via phone / email / msn / QQ / video conference. DSG is responsible for the preparation and signing of the agreement.


HW Development Process

The hardware team of DSG makes schematic design on the requirements in the agreement, and provides PCB layout for customer to confirm once the design completed. Start PCBA prototyping after final confirmation. It takes 21 days to complete PCBA samples, Merrii design service team will test the completed samples first, ensure all hardware functions work well, and then send them to customer for testing.  DSG project manager will contact customer by phone or e-mail at this stage, report project progress to make sure the project proceed smoothly.


SW Development Process

Merrii software department provides driver development according required function list and make debugging on operating system. The project manager will make report on the schedule during debugging, so customer can clearly know about the project. Software department moves to internet applications when debugging is done and finally forwards the upgraded image to customer for testing.


Sample Testing&Offering

Merrii DSG will make full function test for the whole project to ensure every parts work fine. Burn the image on board to make software debugging. The PM is to follow up the testing condition of software and hardware. When above processes are completed, sample products will be delivered to customers.


2.    DSG Procedure 



3.   DSG Contacts  

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