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Merrii C80


    CPU: Allwinner A80
    2GB DDR3 SDRAM, 8GB EMMC Flash
  • Merrii C80 is a core board based on Allwinner A80 processor


    Hardware Specification

    -Based on Allwinner A80 (ARM Cortex-A7+ Cortex-A152GHz)processor

    -2GB DDR3 SDRAM64 bit, 8GB EMMC Flash8bit

    -audio decodingAC100

    -dual PMU power supplyAXP809 AXP806

    -Dimension 83*65.1* 4.0mm, 240pin4 BTB socket,


    Hardware Features


    . Allwinner A80 Octa-core processorARM Cortex-A7+ Cortex-A15

    .Basic frequency up to2GHz

    . GPU powerVR 64-Core G6230

    . PMU AXP806 AXP809


    . 8Bit Nand Flash or EMMC Flash

    . Support LPDDR1/2, DDR2, DDR3 SDRAM

    . Storage is up to 32GB

    .64 bit DDR3

    . ECC up to 64 bit



    - 4K*2K decodingblue ray 3D encoding and decoding


    -Support HDMI4K*2K Output,VGA

    -EDPMIPILVDS support dual-drive 2048*1536 screen

    -Support two screens sharing the same content or displaying different conten

    -Support capacitive touch

    -Support two camerasCSI and MIPI interface),up to 16 million pixels

    -Support GPS

    -Left and right channel input/output

    -Three mic input

    -Support USB*3USB2.0*2USB3.0*1

    -Support SD Card*2

    -Support I2C*2

    -Support Bluetooth


    -Support multi-way GPIO

    -Aupport Nand Flash or EMMC Flash

    -Support 64-bit DDR32G-4G

    -Support RTC

    -Support 6*UART,2*PCM,2*I2S,4*SPI,5*I2C


    Electrical Features :

    - Ambient temperature: -40~-85°C

    - Ambient humidity: 0%~90%, non-condensing

    - Dimension: 83*65.1*4.0mm


    Application :

    - Industry Automation

    - Intelligent Instrument

    - Network Terminal

    - Car Electron

    - Tablet

    - Digital Signage

    - Smart Home

    - Security Surveillance

    - Educational PC

  • Model Name :       Merrii C80 Industrial Core Board


    Sales Assistant : May Ding 

    Tel : (86)755-86936086  EXT:8040