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DKT Group


Our DKT group has experienced software and hardware developers,they have professional background and deep understanding in the professional field (multi-core hardware design,Linux underlying driver,Android middleware,3G/4G data communications,Zigbee,industrial bus control,video encoding and decoding etc.)which they are responsible.


Merrii as Allwinner authorized DKT supplier,every commercial DKT has been authorized and validated by Allwinner,with excellent quality.We will provide technical service and project tracking service to our customers which have ordered any commercial DKT.We will take "honesty, profession and efficiency”to serve our commercial  DKT customers,and provide technical support mechanisms of 400 hotline and "48 hours E-mail reply".


In order to meet more R & D needs of enthusiasts and IT start-up companys,we have released hummingbird development system and a series of development systems single core/dual core /quad core/eight core development systems.They have rich interfaces,they are superior and cheap,with Linux and Android dual OS,also,Linux OS has a unique,kind and intuitive UI interaction interface.


ARM multicore DKT is not just a hardware platform and development systems experience,also it is a communication system and platform between our R&D team and worldwide industrial customers.